Wisconsin Fake ID Maker

Wisconsin Fake ID Maker

Best Wisconsin ID Cards


Wisconsin fake id maker ID-Chief knows how to make premium quality scannable id cards. Review one of our best made state identity cards below.


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Fake ID Card Holder
Wisconsin identity cards are identical to real issued. Ensure to click the images to view a larger version and see IDChief knows how to make a fake id. Printed barcodes or magnetic strips are encoded with your custom details and 100% scannable on any device capable of reading state ids. Read our information below each image to learn every detail fake id maker IDChief is committed to making perfection.
Wisconsin Fake ID
Raised laser tactile print on our Wisconsin state identity cards are perfect. Remember we use the same high quality card printers as the companies outsourced to make real issued ids. Real id star is printed and right below you see the line across the card which contains microprint. Below the main card holder laser engraved image is also a strip of microprint with card holder name and birth date. Raised tactile wave text below the ghost image window also contains the name and birth date. Optional placement of donor sticker which must be specified on the order form that you want included. IDChief is the best fake id maker and will pass expert review.
Wisconsin Fake ID UV Blacklight
Wisconsin card UV design on the front consists of several fine-line patterns and large swirl design including microprint and text “FORWARD” partially over the UV glowing ghost window. WI department of transpiration logo in the upper middle. State name repeated three times in three sizes and located on the lower middle of the card. Left side partially over the main card holder laser image is a state outline with numerous circular designs containing microprint. Backside of our replicated Wisconsin id card UV design features the state capitol mural that glows under blacklight.
Wisconsin Fake ID Hologram
Backside of the Wisconsin state id features a complex OV (optical variable) hologram design covering the lower bottom right side of the card. click the image above to view the larger version to see more detail.
Wisconsin Fake ID Holograms
Different angle of the backside hologram design rectangle in shape encompassing the bottom right side. Compared to real when you enlarge the image above you will see is identical to real. Many weeks to several months go into designing each id template. IDChief knows that when you are in line waiting to go into a nightclub that a good id is not enough. That only a premium fake id without any flaw to pass the most trained eye will suffice. When you want only the best give IDChief your business and we will make it for you.
Wisconsin Scannable Fake ID
Card backside features a large state seal in the background design which is also visible under blacklight.  Printed birth date at the bottom left corner above the DMV URL and ghost window with laser printed card holder image. Bottom right area over the organ donor area is a OV ink hologram circular pattern with state name above it. Scannable 1D and 2D encoded barcodes guaranteed to scan on any state identity card device reader. Our Wisconsin ids are printed on Polycarbonate. This card material is now used for many state ids to support OVD (optical variable devices) security features such as the ghost window on our premium Wisconsin identity card. It is Vital you know the id maker uses the right card material specifically for states that print on polycarbonate. One simple test of dropping the card on its edge will make a metallic cling like a compact disc, and is unlike any other material used to make ids. Making fake ids printed on polycarbonate requires a specific laser card printer designed to use polycarbonate sheets. Each sheet layer is used for a specific part of the printing process and honestly requires expert knowledge to make the id template that our card designer has acquired. ID-Chief is the best fake id maker website!

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