Texas Fake ID Maker

Texas Fake ID Maker

Best Texas ID Cards


Texas fake id maker ID-Chief knows how to make premium quality scannable id cards. Review one of our best made state identity cards below.


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Premium Texas Fake ID
Texas identity cards are identical to real issued. Ensure to click the images to view a larger version and see IDChief knows how to make a fake id. Printed barcodes or magnetic strips are encoded with your custom details and 100% scannable on any device capable of reading state ids. Read our information below each image to learn every detail fake id maker IDChief is committed to making perfection.
Texas Fake ID Holograms
Our Texas state ids are flawless down to every detail. Laser printed card holder images, background design with microprint, and more. The image above featuring OV (optical variable) hologram design consisting of the state seal and stars. In the case of teslin card stock the holograms are in the overlay. Once the pattern is cloned we give it to our trusted manufacturer to produce the overlay rolls for our laser card printers.
Texas Fake ID UV Black Light
Under blacklight our Texas id card UV design of fine-line pattern and stars glows with perfection. Passing the blacklight test will never be a concern for our ids. Using the same premium UV ink as printed on a real state issued identity card our fakes will never fade.
Texas Fake ID Perforated Outline
Our Texas ids are laser printed on teslin card stock making for a perfect perforated state outline over the state capitol background. Card holder birth date rainbow printing as you can see is spot on perfect including the real id star.
Texas Fake ID Perforated Detail
Perforated state outline glows flawlessly when light is shinned to the backside of the Texas fake id. Shown in the image above we captured a great picture of the light beaming through each perforated hole forming an absolute identical to real issued perforation.
Texas Fake ID Microprint
Our laser card printers produce the best microprint incorporated in the Texas id cards background design as shown in the magnified image above. Compared to a real id even expert reviewers would not know which one is fake or genuine. When you want the very best and not ever worry about passing an id check IDChief is where to get a fake id.
Texas Fake ID Backside UV Blacklight
Backside Texas state id card features UV ghost image and birth date that glows identical to real under blacklight. Scannable magnetic stripe with 1D and 2D encoded barcodes are tested prior to shipping arriving guaranteed to scan on all state id card readable devices. ID-Chief knows how to make a fake id that passes instate.

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