ID-Chief Terms Of Service

ID-Chief Terms Of Service Terms Of Service


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Those we refuse service to payment will not be accepted. In the event payment was accepted before ID-Chief decided to exercise this right of refusal of service. To remedy ID-Chief will give the customer a full refund in the same form of payment customer made to us.

For security we put a valid, but false return address which changes often. We are not able to have packages returned to us. This is why it is vital your shipping address is correct, you are able to be present, and receive the package. We do not send with signature required, unless the customer requests this option.

We ship worldwide except for the following two exceptions:

1. We do not not ship to the middle east except for Dubai.

We accept no responsibility with any delivery issue shipping to:

1. Vacation home rentals or hotels.

2. Vacant homes.

We request you do not order from us, unless you will be at the shipping address, or have direct access to the mail delivered to said address for 20 working days. This is far beyond the time our shipments take to arrive, but actions out of our control can happen, such as weather delays. We will not remake an order, when tracking shows it was delivered or attempted delivery within the 20 working days period.

We will not remake an order that tracking shows delivered and the customer claims to not have received the package. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the shipping address provided the customer can receive mail to this address without issue.

We will not remake an order when we shipped to the correct address given by the customer, and it was rejected, or tracking shows it is an invalid address. It is up to the customer when delivery attempt failed to contact the shipper to arrange an alternative address or shipper facility retrieval.

When an order has not been confirmed paid by the customer after the seventh day it is auto deleted. Auto deletion can be stopped, if the customer emails us to put an extended hold on the order form(s). Maximum time is one additional week to confirm payment or the form(s) on hold will be auto deleted. Customer would then need to submit a new order form(s) and confirm payment of the new IDC numbers to be made.

Those who make payment after order is auto deleted will be notified by email. To remedy the customer would simply submit new order form(s) and reply to the notice of order deletion email with new IDC number(s). ID-Chief will apply payment made for the deleted IDC number(s) to the new IDC number(s) and fulfill the order.

We delete made and shipped order forms approximately 30 days after order is shipped (unless there was a delay then a longer period is taken in account for the delay). Any issue a customer might have please bring it to our attention within 30 days. After 30 days your information is wiped and deleted, so it is not recoverable.

Any customer that emails us a month or more after delivery with a complaint we can not and will not act upon it. The handful of times this has happened it was a nefarious act to try and obtain a free order. In short, email us of any issue soon as you receive your order in the rare event something is not right. ID-Chief can then fix-it-right as we guarantee on our site for any issue that is our error.

We do not issue refunds once a customers order is made. Our business is solely one of making custom orders tailored for use only by the customer and logically can not be resold.

We will remake the customers order, if any information on your fake id is not what you put on the order form. Specifically your name, address, and physical descriptions required for the fake id ordered.

We reserve the right to override other information given and replace said information that would not indicate the license is fake. Goal being we follow what you provide on the form, unless it would jeopardize the legitimacy of your fake id.

We will also remake any order that has a defect. ID-Chief literally triple checks orders before shipment, so a defect has yet to ever happen, but we stand by our fix-it-right guarantee, if a defect ever slips past us.

We will refuse service to anyone who indicates they will do physical harm to others with our ids.

We do not make fake ids for children.

This page can change or be updated at anytime. Would not count on it being too often, if at all.

Now go buy anĀ ID-Chief fake id! Shortly you will enjoy many fun times out, just be responsible please.

End of our Terms Of Service.