Fake IDs That Scan

Fake IDs That Scan

Premium fake IDs that scan with formatted barcodes printed and encoded magnetic strips.


Two ways to make fake ids that scan.

First, is the magnetic strip which is being phased out on all state made identity cards in favor of barcodes. Phasing out of magnetic strips are due to their lack of long term reliability is one reason. Scratches, rubbing from removing in and out of a wallet can cause the strip to stop working. The other reason is magnetic strips can be changed. Encoded data erased and written over makes it easy to tamper with. Now, barcodes are much more resistant to damage and tamper proof. Unlike a magnetic strip which can be erased, printed barcodes can not be edited. The days of editing the strip and slipping into a nightclub are coming to an end. Many bouncers do not even examine ids preferring to quickly scan the magnetic strip or barcode to verify age. Having fake ids that scan is an absolute must like our featured Kentucky state id in the video below.

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