Fake ID Videos

Fake ID Videos

Fake ID maker ID-Chief videos provide great detail into the quality of the ids we make.


Proof our premium id cards are identical to real and 100% will pass instate

IDChief is where to get a fake id! Never will the legitimacy of the ids we make for you be questioned no matter where you go! From California nightclubs, Texas bars, New York ultra lounges, or Florida hotel cabana parties, we have you covered with truly the best fake id cards ever made.

Videos from our large selection of id cards we offer

We take both quick clips to post and detailed focused video on different scannable fake id cards we make. ID-Chief above all wants you to see we know how to make a fake id viewing video of our cards under UV (Ultra Violet) blacklight, holograms, perforated designs, and more to have complete confidence when you buy. Confidence is vital the first few times you use a fake, until it becomes routine, and any doubts are put to rest. Watch all the videos and check back often for new videos posted monthly.

Watch premium fake id videos made by IDChief:


How To Make A Fake ID

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