Premium Virginia Fake ID

Premium Virginia Fake ID

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How to make a fake id Virginia details

Premium quality Virginia id cards feature microprint on both sides of the card design and in the UV pattern. IDChief makes all id templates from scratch with a real issued card in hand. Replicating every detail including intentional misspelled microprint words at the top under Driver License in the blue line. More intentional errors we will not reference, so other sites can not post, and claim to know, when they did not even make their own id card template. Located above the front card holder laser tactile raised signature is the card holder’s name and card expiration date in microprint. See through ghost image window with wave printing overlapping. Both sides of the Virginia id card feature clear laser tactile print. First clear laser tactile print is located on the left side of the main card holder image consisting of Customer Identifier, birth date, and sex of the card holder printed vertically. Second is on the card backside clear tactile printing the card holder birth date over the signature. Raised laser tactile black text of the main data includes Customer Identifier, birth date, expiration date, and signature. UV in green and blue consisting of a large state seal and pattern design covering the front edge to edge incorporating text and microprint. Completing the UV design includes the text “Virginia” in green. Repeated circular logo with “DMV” in green and smaller blue UV ink glowing flawlessly under blacklight. Virginia ids are printed on polycarbonate and it is vital you accept no substitute due to a simple test. When card is dropped it will make a distinct metallic sound like dropping a CD on its edge. Unlike any other card stock polycarbonate starts as sheet layers with specific printing for each layer that fuse together to make a solid card when heated during printing. Many states now use polycarbonate to make their ids as the printers are a very costly investment stopping amateur id makers from replicating. Even purchasing the sheets for say someone in the USA is regulated like the paper for printing currency making it impossible to acquire. However, here in China as you might suspect there are no regulations, thus allowing ID-Chief to purchase the exact same quality polycarbonate sheets to make premium fake ids.

Valid For: 8 years – expiring on birth date

Card Material: Polycarbonate

Scannable: 1D and 2D barcodes

License Number Type: Random – referred to as “Customer Identifier”

UV: Front – detailed above – view images click the see more link below


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