Premium UK Fake ID

Premium UK Fake ID

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How to make a UK fake id details

Our UK id cards are printed on polycarbonate with monochrome laser card holder image. Rainbow print and microprint on both sides of the UK id. Laser tactile raised text surname, category entitlement, and date in the bottom left hand corner of the card holder photo. Transparent hologram contains a steering wheel, road and speedometer, in which the needle appears to move when the card is tilted back and forth. The hub of the steering wheel gives the appearance of being three dimensional. The words ‘UNITED KINGDOM’ are repeated on the outer circle of the steering wheel. Laser tactile raised text of “UNITED KINGDOM” across the EU flag in two rows. Backside of the UK fake driver licence features egg shaped lens. This has laser engraving of the card holder image changing to the month and year of card expiry by tilting the licence back and forth. Front and back includes raised tactile pattern with text “UNITED KINGDOM” positioned horizontally across the card. The number identifier for each field will be raised, felt by finger, and viewed at an angle. Front of card UV design features blue different flowers on a vine, yellow road lines with dots in the middle, blue steering wheel with blue and yellow lines above it. UK id card backside UV design consists of stop light with red and green lights in UV, pattern across the card with a version of the Royal coat of arms in yellow, blue, and red UV ink. Also, on the back of the UK fake id is the card identifier number in raised tactile text located on the lower right corner of the card. This number is also laser engraved in the middle of the top edge of the card and we guarantee no other id maker does this, but IDChief! Printed on polycarbonate when card is dropped will make a distinct metallic sound like dropping a CD on its edge. Unlike any other card stock we use punched sheet layers (86 x 54 mm) with specific printing for each layer according to our UK fake id template that fuse together to make a solid card when heated during printing. We use the highest quality laser card printers and several that are only capable of printing polycarbonate cards. Tactile raised patterns, raised text, card holder image, are all accomplished by laser heating the carbon in the polycarbonate material to the surface or above.

Valid For: 10 years

Card Material: Polycarbonate

Scannable: No

License Number Type: Coded – IDChief will format when you are unsure

UV: Front and back


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