Premium Ohio Fake ID

Premium Ohio Fake ID

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How to make a fake id Ohio details

Our Ohio state id card is printed on polycarbonate sheets heated to form a durable card same as real. You can tell a polycarbonate card by dropping it on a hard surface and hear a metallic sound. Laser engraved grey scale card holder photo, ghost image, signature, and birth date. Microprint used in background design front and back. Foil OVD of Ohio state turns green to gold when tilted located at the top right on the card. Laser printed OVD ghost image with signature and data changes when tilted. OV ink birth date, state outline and date “1803”. UV and more. One of our newest state id cards released as all states update to be real id compliant and do a complete revamp of the card issued. More images coming shortly.

Valid For: 4 years expiring on birth date

Card Material: Polycarbonate

Scannable: 1D barcode and magnetic stripe

License Number Type: 2 letters then 6 numbers – not coded computer assigned

Hologram Overlay: Front

UV: Front


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