Premium New Jersey Fake ID

Premium New Jersey Fake ID

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How to make a fake id New Jersey details

New Jersey state ids are yet to be compliant. We will update our New Jersey id template as soon as this changes. We do expect it is possible for NJ to come out with a new style drivers license when they become compliant. Microprint in the card design and over card holder image. Hologram overlay of the state seal and “NJ” repeated. UV design consists of two rows of “NEW JERSEY” and in between state outline is repeated glows identical to real under blacklight. Scannable barcodes on the backside and card holder initials and birth date is printed.

Valid For: Month end 4 years from issue date

Card Material: Teslin

Scannable: 1D and 2D Barcodes

License Number Type: 15 characters coded

Hologram Overlay: Front – state seals and text “NJ” repeated

UV: Front – “NEW JERSEY” and state outlines repeated


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