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Buy Montana Fake ID

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Montana best fake id state card details

Premium Montana fake id state card includes hologram overlay with OV (optically variable) ink consisting of ponderosa pine trees, meadowlark bird with lines below it, text “MONTANA” with a pattern of 2 different sized dots underneath. Identical to real laser perforated state bitter-root flower shines when light is direct to the backside of the card. Green UV ink outlines of the card design background mountains. UV visible only under blacklight of a pattern mostly over the main card holder image/signature area, partial moon, and lines. Montana is not real id compliant at the time of writing this. Expected new card design in 2019 commencing compliance.

Valid For: 8 years – expiring on birthday

Card Material: Teslin

Scannable: 1D and 2D barcodes

License Number Detail: Coded – Let ID-Chief format, if you are not cloning another card

UV: Front – See details above – Back – green UV ghost image and birth date.

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