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Our premium Georgia fake id cards are spot on with laser tactile raised signatures. Polycarbonate sheets are heated, and fused together, then the last part is laser direct heat to the card for tactile print. Laser directed heat makes the carbon in the polycarbonate card rise, and based on time, above the surface creating tactile text, or signatures the template requires. Two card holder laser ghost images on the front and real id star. OV multi-color ink hologram of the state seal and text “GEORGIA”. UV design under blacklight is the same as the OV hologram except the full state seal is not visible. Front of card has flawless microprint in our cloned card design. Backside of the card includes the card holder birth date printed. Printed barcodes formatted with card holder data are scannable with card holder information same as the real driver license. Our Georgia id will scan correctly on any state id capable barcode reader. Included on the card backside is an embedded replicated circular OVD (optical variable device). Printed on polycarbonate when dropped on a hard surface card will make a distinct sound like dropping a CD just as a real card.

Valid For: 8 years – expires on birth date

Card Material: Polycarbonate

Scannable: 1D and 2D barcodes

License Number Type: 9 digits

UV: Front

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