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Buy Delaware Fake ID

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Delaware best fake id state details

Premium Delaware fake id card is perfect front and back now complaint with real id star. Front of card microprint is in numerous locations and backside consists of one line under the cowboy on horse graphic. Multi color hologram overlay on the front has the cowboy on horse, state seal, and wave lines. UV features in blue ink on front of card is of a ghost image, birth date, and red UV ink of “DELAWARE” glows under blacklight. Delaware has a new style as of June 2018 ID Chief will offer shortly. In the meantime the design above is still valid and can be backdated for issue date which you should always do regardless. While our fakes are flawless it is best to raise as little attention as you can. Backdating any fake id several months is good to not look as if you just got it two weeks ago.

Valid For: 5 years – expires on birth date

Card Material: Teslin

Scannable: 2D and 1D barcodes

License Number Type: 7 digits random

UV: Front

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