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Connecticut best fake id state details

Our premium Connecticut id hologram design in OV ink is identical vs real. Microprint in the card design is crisp and perfect. Real id star and ghost image are cloned and positioned exact as real. Perforated whale shines when you put a flashlight behind the card. Known difference in placement of the perforation design is not cause for concern. This distinction has occurred with other state perforation designs not always in the exact same placement on the card. Knowing card printers and use of multiple printers for the same card template. We concluded different printers at the contracted company to manufacture the state cards is the issue using multiple printers with templates that slightly differ with perforation placement. Flawless replication of the UV design that outlines the card design of the whale and airplane. UV design continues with a swirl line pattern, state name in cursive twice, state outline, and partial submarine with the number 571 in the outline glows under blacklight.

Valid For: 6 years – expires on birthday

Card Material: Teslin

Scannable: 1D and 2D barcodes

License Number Type: 9 digits

UV: Front detailed above – back has dot pattern – ghost image – birth date (printed and UV in different locations)

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