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Colorado best fake id state details

Premium Colorado fake id card optical variable hologram design is identical vs real issued. Microprint in the card design is crisp and perfect. Real id star and window ghost image are cloned and positioned exactly vs a real driver license. Perforated whale shines when you put a flashlight behind the card and wave text of the cardholders name and birth date. Flawless replication of the UV design includes outlines in ultra violet ink of the background mountains. Colorado state logos of the triangle, “C” with dot inside, and text “COLORADO” with wave line of microprint repeated text “STATE OF COLORADO” glows under blacklight. Backside UV can be seen on the second page of our Colorado state id card images. Clear laser heat raised text of the license number located on the left side vertically of the cardholder image. Laser heated carbon raised black text of the cardholder signature and other text data. ID Chief Colorado ids are identical vs real using the best and only option for making these state id cards are polycarbonate capable laser card printers. Many states now use polycarbonate for their Real ID design compliant cards. Polycarbonate are made in sheets that we precisely press cut to ensure an exact size to real factoring shrinkage when heat fused to form a solid and most durable id card. Testing a state id card to ensure it is not fake and printed on polycarbonate is actually very simple. Drop the card on its edge and you will hear a metallic cling. No cling and your id will be taken. Knowing the material used is vital and just as important as every other cloned security feature. ID Chief is the only site that makes premium fake ids that will pass expert review.

Valid For: 5 years – expires on birthday

Card Material: Teslin

Scannable: 1D / 2D barcodes and magnetic stripe

License Number Type: 9 digits

UV: Front and back designs shown on second Colorado id image page

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