Premium British Columbia Fake ID

Premium British Columbia Fake ID

Best British Columbia Fake ID Card


Fake ID Cardholder Face

British Columbia Fake ID

British Columbia Fake ID UV Blacklight

British Columbia Scannable Fake ID

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How to make a fake id British Columbia and Services Card details

Our British Columbia province id card featuring Holograms, rainbow text, and microprint same as real. Every detail is identical including the embedded metallic foil kinegram and Provincial crest on the back. Laser raised tactile signature and text on both sides. Both cardholder images are laser burned with the ghost image optical change with date of birth. Cloned circular UV design on the id card glows under blacklight. Printed on polycarbonate when card is dropped will make a distinct sound like dropping a CD on its edge. Different than any other card stock polycarbonate starts as punched sheet layers with specific printing for each layer that fuse together to make a solid card when heated during printing.

Valid For: 4 years (24 or older 5 years)

Card Material: Polycarbonate

Scannable: 1D / 2D barcodes and magnetic strip

License Number Type: 7 numbers – computer assigned

Hologram OV: Front

UV: Front


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