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Buy Arkansas Fake ID

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Arkansas best fake id state card details

Premium Arkansas state fake id card is still valid same as the real driver license for almost 5 years. We can back date the issue date for any day before the end of August 2018. Will offer the new style in early 2019. Hologram overlay consisting of the AR state seal, diamond shape outline with text”ARKANSAS” in the middle and tiny stars, and wave lines pattern. UV pattern of the state outline in different rotations is repeated. Glows identical under blacklight printed on top of background and before text and card holder images. Our expert designers from scratch make the best fake id templates based on a real card in hand. Fake id make ID Chief is where to get ids.

Valid For: 5 years – expires on birthday

Card Material: PVC

Scannable: 2D barcode

License Number Type: 9 digits random

UV: Front

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