Buy Fake ID Steam Card Codes

Buy Fake ID Steam Card Codes

How to get a fake id with Steam code cards.

Order form link is at the bottom of the page.

Fast! Buying steam codes takes just minutes online with credit card or paypal!



We can accept codes in the following currencies: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, or EUR.

Sale price in accepted currencies (with free duplicates always included):

USD: 1-2 ids = $100 each / 3 or more in = $50 each / Shipping $50 or $25

AUD: 1-2 ids = $100 each / 3 or more in = $70 each / Shipping $70 or $30

CAD: 1-2 ids = $100 each / 3 or more in = $60 each / Shipping $60 or $30

EUR: 1-2 ids = $60 each / 3 or more in = $40 each / Shipping $40 or $20

GBP: 1-2 ids = $60 each / 3 or more in = $40 each / Shipping $40 or $20

Due to trade wars, Brexit, and price conversion changes by the minute we set the prices above to try and make it easy. Also, taking into consideration when you pay by Steam codes you can buy the needed preset values they come in to equal your total without issue. Any issue or clarification email us for help.

Where to buy Steam Code Cards: They can be purchased at many store locations where gift cards are sold or online in a few minutes with paypal or credit card. Purchase as many cards as you need to equal your order total. Steam code cards come in a wide range of preset amounts.

Use the Steam official locator below to find stores in your country near you that sells Steam Card Codes:

Steam Store Locator

To buy Steam card codes online we list a few websites below, but there are many more online. Do a google or other search engine search for “buy steam codes” for more website options.

How to order your fake id: After you have your Steam codes submit an order form for each fake id you want made. After each submission check your email (spam folder too) for our auto confirmation that applies a unique identifying IDC number to the form you just submitted.

Once forms are submitted use the payment confirmation form link found in every confirmation email. Use this link one time to submit a payment confirmation form.

On the payment confirmation form you will be asked to provide:

Backside images of your Steam cards showing the code. When an ecode take a screenshot from the site you purchased from on the page displaying the code.

IDC numbers of the order forms we are to make.

Steam code(s), the value, and country currency of each code. Example format of each code: AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC =100 CAD.

Fake ID Steam Order Form