Buy Fake ID With Bitcoin

Buy Fake ID With Bitcoin

How To Buy Fake IDs

How to get a fake id with Bitcoin.


We would go over how to open and fund a bitcoin account. However, from our experience those who do not use bitcoin already are not going to take the time to use this payment option to make a one off purchase.

For customers that use, and want pay for your order with Bitcoin, submit an order form for each fake id you want made.

After each submission check your email for our auto confirmation email that applies a unique identifying IDC number to the form you just submitted.

This email contains the assigned IDC number for the form you submitted, our Bitcoin account number to make pay to, and payment confirmation form link.

Once all order forms are submitted use the payment confirmation form link found in every confirmation email. Use this form link one time to confirm payment was made by Bitcoin. Provide all IDC numbers and your Bitcoin account number from which you made payment. We will promptly verify the payment was sent and assign your order to a Fake ID Designer to begin work.

After payment confirmation we can not accept any changes to your order(s) please.

Error issues submitting your image through the form. To remedy submit without image and reply to the confirmation email attaching image and emailing it to us.

Fake ID Generator Bitcoin Order Form