Amazon Payment Confirmation Form

Amazon Payment Confirmation Form

Ensure you have reviewed the emailed copy of every order form submitted of the IDC numbers you are confirming. Any change needed note the IDC number and correction/update needed in the provided form box below. After submission please do not request any other changes.

Please submit this form only one time. You might of ordered more than one fake id and were sent a confirmation email each time with unique IDC number. The link to this form is in every confirmation email, but is meant to be only filled out one time providing all IDC numbers you are confirming payment for to be made.

Correct Amazon payment images to send:

(1) Payment receipt(s): To be clear we need an image of the receipt showing the card you bought and how you paid. Not activation or gift receipt.

(2) Amazon backside card(s) showing code: Take the card out of the cardboard package and scratch off the silver cover to reveal the code. Take an image of the entire plastic card backside please.

When you have more payment images to complete payment for your order than the six boxes provided below. To remedy reply to the confirmation email sent after you confirm payment with the additional images attached.

Error notifications or issues submitting your images through the form. To remedy submit with less images and reply to the confirmation email attaching the remaining payment images.

Your email: (required)

IDC number(s): (required)

Amazon Gift Card code(s) found on the back of the card behind the silver scratch-off cover and value of each code: EXAMPLE: A12B-C3456D-E789F = $100 (required)

Amazon payment upload image boxes 10mb limit for each image file:
(When you have more than 6 payment images reply to the confirmation email sent after this form submission with images attached.)

Upload image file one:

Upload image file two:

Upload image file three:

Upload image file four:

Upload image file four:

Upload image file four:

Any additional information or information change to your IDC number(s). Now is the last chance to do so please:

Please be patient while your payment images upload. When completed you will be redirected to a confirmation page or highlighted error on the form, if an issue.