Alaska Scannable Fake ID

Alaska Scannable Fake ID

Alaska scannable fake id cards with replicated security features detailed below. ID Chief is where to buy fake id at the best price.

Alaska Fake ID Card Holder

Alaska state fake id cards are identical vs real issued. Click the id card images to view a larger version proving ID Chief is the best id maker online.

Printed barcodes or magnetic strips are encoded with your custom details and 100% scannable on any device capable of reading state ids. ID Chief is committed to making perfection that will always pass instate, bend test, blacklight test, or any expert review. Premium current state issued ids customized for you and always a free duplicate with each card you buy.

Alaska Fake IDAlaska ids are not real id compliant at the time of writing, but is expected to announce a new style and compliance in early 2019. Our Alaska state id card is a perfect clone of the current issued driver license featuring identical vs real state outline cutout using teslin card stock. Hologram consisting of a large seal and small snow flake color shifting when card is tilted. Our Alaska replicated id cards have worked for years instate and in the lower 48 without any issue.
Alaska Fake ID CardID Chief makes Alaska ids that pass the bend test and the state outline cutout is positioned in the precise location as a real card. Cutout is the exact size dimension and why we say it is vital you know the id maker you buy from. That the id card maker uses their own id template for each card they offer like ID Chief with a real state card in hand they designed it from. We do not buy our teslin card stock from a company already making the cutout. We show our supplier the real card as we go over analyzing to determine the grade of teslin, exact position, and size of the cutout on the card to replicate. We then have a blank card stock to order as needed for Alaska from our supplier. We know the teslin cards will always be consistent in quality and identical vs the real card stock. We do the same process for every teslin card stock we print on. We do so much down to every detail that other sites can not or do not care to do. ID Chief knows how to make a fake id and it is not just words, but fact as we prove.
Alaska Fake ID Card Hologram Enlarged image of the Alaska state seal hologram is the most prominent security feature replicated for the Alaska state id card. Identical vs real issued replication of the Tri-color seal and snowflake overlay when printing the Alaska state id card. Our multi color optical variable ink design holograms you can be confident are identical clones and undetectable as fake by even the best trained inspector. Needless to say passing a bouncer at a nightclub would be of zero concern to you when using your fake.
Alaska Fake ID Card UV Blacklight Close look of the Alaska state outline cutout on the teslin card under blacklight. Including the cards UV design vs a real card our fake is an identical clone. Down to every fine-line in the UV design is measured for accuracy. Buy from ID Chief and passing the blacklight test by trained inspectors your fake will never fail. This is the definition of premium made id cards.
Alaska Fake ID UV BlacklightFull view of the Alaska state id card UV design fine-line pattern glowing under blacklight. Look at the detail by enlarging the image when you click on it. Cloned perfection from edge to card edge.  When you buy ids from ID Chief provide us with the custom information,upload a good cardholder image, generate the signature on the order form, and let us do the rest. We will make you the best fake available online delivered without issue to your door.

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